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HV & LR Atomizer & Cartomizer

Buy HV Atomizer, LR Atomizers and e-cigarette cartomizer online. Atomizer is one of the best parts for electronic cigarette, and it's usually consisted by atomizer head and drip tip(cartridges). Atomizer connected to e-cigarette battery, and battery supply power to atomizer, when we vaping then atomizer heating e-liquid to producing vapor.

HV atomizer means High Voltage Atomizer, it's a heavy vapor atomizer, can producing huge vapor, but need high voltage battery to power it. HV atomizer can work well with MOD e-cigarette.

LR Atomizers is a Low Resistance atomizer, it's work with low voltage battery, also can producing big vapor. LR atomizer is the most popular atomizer in the market, and it's Low-energy than HV atomizer, so vaping with a LR atomizer the battery can last more longer.

Cartomizer is atomizer which can hold e-liquid, so cartomizer better than atomizer. Now we can buy transparent cartomizer on the e-cigarette market, like CE4, CE5, CE6, DCT tank, Vivi Nova and so on. They are all clear cartomizer.

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KR808 Cartomizers (Pack of 25)
KR808 Cartomizers (Pack of 25) Shopping Online KR808 cartridges feature a soft end tip, with ..
Our Price: $22.50
Based on 1 reviews.
901 HV Atomizers (5-Pack)
901 HV Atomizers (5-Pack) ..
Our Price: $22.50
510 HV Atomizers (5-Pack)
510 HV Atomizers (5-Pack) ..
Our Price: $20.00
DSE901 LR Atomizers (5-Pack)
DSE901 LR Atomizers (5-Pack) Shopping Online Atomizer is a device which has a heating resista..
Our Price: $22.50
Based on 1 reviews.
510 LR Atomizers (5-Pack)
510 LR Atomizers (5-Pack) ..
Our Price: $20.00
DSE901 Atomizers (5-Pack)
DSE901 Atomizers (5-Pack) ..
Our Price: $22.50
DSE601 Cartomizers are absolutely the best on the market right now, and satisfaction is guarantee..
Our Price: $22.50
510 Cartomizers (Pack of 25)
510 Cartomizer  feature a soft end tip. These cartomizers are absolutely the best on the mar..
Our Price: $22.50
Based on 3 reviews.
510 LR Cartomizers (Pack of 25)
LR 510 Cartomizer feature a soft end tip. These cartomizers are absolutely the best on the market..
Our Price: $22.50
Based on 1 reviews.
801 Cartomizers (Pack of 25)
801 Soft End Tip Cartomizer is a bottom coiled cartomizer,  ..
Our Price: $25.00

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